There Are Testimonies of Some of the Dear People Ministered to:


Jasmine  - "Thank you Rev. Kruse, this is a VERY on time word.  Also, I want to share with you since our conversation over a year and a half ago about the studio e.t.c., I am soon to be finished with my CD."  

Tammy - "Brother Jason, You are on it. This is definetly a word from God for me. There are serious matters that are surrounding me right now - matters that don't concern me - but yet I seem to be in the middle of them. Every word of this fits perfectly for where our church is at. Thank you so much for being obedient and bringing this to me. Your obedience has seriously saved my mind. Thank You & God bless you. May the Lord bless you and your Ministry."

Deborah - "Dear Rev Kruse, thanks for this word.  It was confirming, comforting & instructional.  I need to read this word over & over again. Thanks & God Bless."  

Linda - "Jason, thank you so very much for taking the time to pray on my behalf.  This word is more accurate than you may ever realize, and it is greatly appreciated."

Takera - "Thank you so much brother Kruse for this word, it couldnt have came at a better time. I needed to hear what the Lord was saying to me in this season. I needed the encouragement. God Bless you." 

Elvis - "Thank you man of GOD.These are the words of GOD. These words mean so much to me. Thank you JESUS for thy love, grace, peace and mercy in my life."

Cheryl - "Hello Minister Kruse. I just wanted to thank you for the very accurate word of The Lord. What  a blessing you are to the body of Christ. I encouraged a family member to write to you. I am truly blessed to have been led to your website."

Melvyn -"Thank you Rev. Jason for the prophetic word. Those were sharp, accurate and uplifting words. More importantly, the prophecy is in line with what other prophets had prophesied to me earlier.
Even the words you released were the same used by them, hence confirming what God has been saying to me. May God continue to bless your ministry and may your ministry gift continue to be a great blessing to the Body of Christ. I have donated to your ministry to show my appreciation towards your gift and generosity being made available to us. God Bless."

Ray - "Jason, You are such a blessing brother. I have just been pouring out to the Lord about my dreams to move mightily in His Kingdom and the promises I have had. Yet I felt held back and even feared I was missing His direction. I have had many opportunities, but I hold back to wait for the leading and release from the Lord. I so want Him, not just the power and provision. I want Him so much. The words that you have given have greatly encouraged me and comforted me, my brother. I am proud of you, your perseverance, longsuffering and faithfulness. You are blessed and will continue to be blessed, because that is what you are born for."

Kenny - "Jason, I have to sincerely thank you. This word has blessed me in many ways. I have always been the kind of person to work in steps when it comes to my destiny. Always desiring change so I can get deeper into the call of God upon my life. But when you said, "Yours is to trust Me and be patient in the waiting period." I knew that God's intent for me is to learn to trust him with everything and to know that He will get me to where I have been destined to go. Thank you once again and may God bless you for edifying the people within the body of Christ."
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