Some More Testimonies of the Precious People Ministered to:


David  - "Thank you so much. The word was uplifting and right on, so thankful for his love..."

Michelle - "Thank you so very much!  - I have truly been encouraged and strengthened by this Word! May the Lord bless you and your Ministry.

Zilamy - "Thank you, MR JASON, because everything you told me is true .  THANK  you GOD for this special message."  

Barbara  - "I want to thank you again for the prophecy and let you know that you are the first person to do what you did."

Beatrice - "Thank you Jason, and may the blood of Jesus keep covering you as you minister his word." 

Kim  - "Thank you! Your email really made my day... a message from God. NOT being important or good enough is something I had always felt with God. I struggle on what my purpose is in life and how God wants to use me. Thank you for this message. God bless you."

Anna - "I wanted to send this message to you to say I was indeed blessed by this Word thank you for yielding ...Blessings" ... ANNA

Sally R - " Jason, Thank-you for seeking a word from the Lord for me. The word I received was very encouranging and directly addressed the situations that were of the most concern to me at this time. May God Bless you and all that you minister to." Sally R.

Lisa G - "Thank you for the prophecy, you have confirmed what has been said thru Jeremy Lopez and what God has been saying to me, myself. I thank you for your obedience and giftings. Thank you, your words have been right on.

Laura R - "Thanks for the truly are a blessing.

Cheryl P - "I am speechless and overwhelmed.I have been seeking for 10 years for someone to truly hear the Lord on my behalf. The 2 area's I sought  the Lord on were Prophetess and writing.And he spoke both through you.  I am not disrespecting anyone but I have listened to so much that  was supposed to be prophecy not come  to pass  yet I saw things I said in general conversation come to pass with 100% accuracy. Thank you again and I do want to become a partner. Thank you again.

Donald - "Thank you so very much for your word. My wife and I completely bore witness with it. It was very timely and precisely spoke to us about our future. We literally have a huge fork in the road before us and this has given us much clarity in the direction we must take. Thank you so very much, we bless you and your ministry!"

Melissa E - "Wow, thank you so much for that word !!! It was a word in due season, that I desperatly needed. It amazed me how God told you so much, and you didnt know me. 
Few More.....
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