Just a Few More Testifying to the Goodness of The God & Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Michelle - "The words that the Lord has spoke to our family, already has been wonderful, refreshing, and a confirmation. Thank you for listening to the spirit of the Lord and delivering his words to us."

Pamela - "Prophet of God!  Surely the Lord has spoken through you to me.  Up to this point it has been confusing to             determine what the will of the Lord really is. Thank you so much! -  Thank you again, and I have signed up as a partner."

Sandra - " My heart is inditing a good matter; this is a precious word and I bless you and the Father through Jesus Christ.  I will be in touch with you."

Amy -  "Thank you so much.  I bear witness with all of this.  This has confirmed what God has already spoken concerning  intimate time with Him. Thank you for your listening ear to what God is saying."

Yolanda W - "Hello Jason, I am overwhelmed by the word of the Lord that you have given me the last two times.  I have  been in a very tough place with my job, and your words of encouragement from the Lord have been like a life perserver in this period of time."

Ray - "Jason, Thank you for the prophecy, that you sent, in the name of the Lord."

Roshaun G - "Your word of prophecy was such a blessing to me. The accuracy of the word was very powerful to current and past events in my life. The Lord confirmed your prophecy with two consecutive dreams I received. I even shared your ministry with my cousin who also received an equally powerful and accurate prophetic word. God's blessing to you as He uses you in a mighty and powerful way!"

Linda - "Thanks jason!  :)  You are such a blessing..the words you have given, previously for my family members, have been so detailed and so accurate.. you have captured my kids's personality and heartbeat.. mine as well.. no one knew except God, about my desires.. not even my husband. Keep up the good work and thank you once again for helping." 

Kerrie C - "Hi Jason,Thanks so much for the prophetic word. It spoke to so many different areas in my life and was such a blessing and encouragement to me. Awesome! Thank you for your faithfulness to build into the lives of others. Be blessed! Thanks again."

Simeon O - "I give God the glory for men and women of God like you."

Elkanah - "Man of God I am totaly healed. I touched the computer, like you said. After one hour there was no more headache, no fever. I give God all the glory. I have come to discern that God is using you, in the gifts of healing, performing of miracles, etc.I love you and we are praying for you. It is my prayer that you will minister to many people with different problems. Shalom."
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Glory to God! Hallelujah to Our Savior, Lord & King Jesus!
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